About Us


Hi I'm Helen, nice to meet you.  As you might have guessed I am the owner of Beauty In A Box (along with my sidekick below). How did I come up with the idea for this business I hear you ask? Well I will tell you.

My Lightbulb Moment

Back in 2012 I was looking for a Father's Day present and all I wanted was a smelly gift set.  I searched high and low, I even asked a few places and was told they were only sold at Christmas. Huh?? I realised then that there was a possibility I had stumbled across a bit of a business idea, but I wasn't sure what exactly.

My Inspiration

A few weeks later, I was still thinking about it but hadn't really come up with anything.  I was lying in bed late one night reading a girly magazine and there was a picture of some eye cream with the heading "Pretty In A Pot", I said out loud to myself "oh that is like Beauty In A Box". Well I sat bolt upright, had an intake of breath, got my laptop out and started typing. To say I couldn't sleep that night was an understatement.

It has taken me five years to get up and running but here I am!

I Know How You Feel

As you can see I know how stressed, frustrated and annoyed you feel when you can't find the present you are looking for or just don't know what gift to buy. And then when you finally do find the perfect present you need to wrap it, package it, and send it. What a palaver. So I know exactly how you feel.

How I Can Help

Let me take all the stress, hassle and frustration away from you right now. My website has over 150 gift boxes ranging from Bath and Shower, Make Up including gift boxes for just for your Eyes and Lips, Perfume and lots more. Once you have chosen which box you would like it is only a few easy steps to checkout.

I will package your gift box beautifully and include a gift card with a personal message on it if you wish.

I can then post this to your special someone anywhere in mainland UK. Sssshh there may even be a little free something in it for you. Alternatively, I can send this gift box straight to you, if you would prefer to pass this on yourself. So what are you waiting for, shop here now!

A Bit More About Me

5 things you don't know about me - 

  • I once did a 10,000 ft tandem skydive for charity.
  • I used to be a trolley dolly (cabin crew).
  • I have travelled the world.
  • I love reading and can finish a book in one sitting, even if it means reading all through the night.
  • I have met and have the autograph of one of the men who helped to carve out Mount Rushmore.


Hi I'm Rubes. I am the Manager of Dog Treats and Daytime Snoozes. Mummy says I am really good with both these things. I keep my mum company in the office and I help her by giving her lots of licks, cuddles and getting under her feet. I love tummy tickles, chicken and cheese but not in that order. Oh, I also love playing with my ball and my doughnut.

If you want to have a chat with me or ask me any questions about snacks or treats then you will find me on my mum's Facebook page.


I hope I will speak to you all soon. Love Rubes - Woof Woof xx